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We've added a new layer to Honda performance with the creation of the H2B, a QSD name, a Quartersports Design.


If you’re serious about natural aspiration performance you know already theres no replacement for displacement.  The H2B is our race inspired concept aimed for existing B-series enthusiast looking for the replacement.


The H2B Kit adapts any Honda H-series engine with complete and unmodified manual B-series drive train. Everything from your flywheel out to the axle nut remains B-series, no custom mounts are required.


Following Honda’s reputation for precision, all of our components have been calculated with advanced CMM.  The core of the kit consists of a 6061 aluminum engine to transmission adapter plate paired with our ever innovative 4340 chromoly crankshaft spacer.


This can transform your H setup into what’s become known as the K Killer.  Net K20 results at a fraction of the cost while retaining most of what you may already have.  Makes sense to us.  Do your homework and see why so many choose QSD.

We don't outsource and we don't touch replicas.  If your local shop is telling you copy-cat parts are just the same, I would seriously second-guess there integrity.  All a cheap part is for are those companies preying on the uneducated who have conveniently convinced themselves a cheaper product is just the same, but there is always a cost.  They are there to make a quick dollar ad move to onto the next.  Support the companies that support innovation, or ultimately pioneering performance products will become obsolete.

If you have ANY questions, click on our contacts page, get our email address, and EMAIL us.  Don't believe anything you read online especially if you read conflicting evidence.  Were here to help and will point you in the right direction.


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